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Using data-driven insight to make a commercial difference

Helping landlords understand consumers, centres and catchments to provide the best experience whilst maximising turnover.

CACI’s Property Consulting Group work in partnership with the UK and Europe’s leading developers, investors, asset managers and local authorities. Our team of over 20 consultants act as trusted advisors to our clients and use CACI’s bespoke products to deliver a customer centric view on all aspects of a retail destination’s lifecycle. 

What we do to support investors and asset managers

We work with organisations at every stage of the investment lifecycle:

Leasing Strategy & Support

We can help you understand the optimum positioning and tenant mix for your asset; help sell your centre to potential tenants and attend occupier meetings to support leasing conversations.

Consumer Insight & Market Research

We can undertake primary market research to help you better understand your customers and the catchments your centres serve to identify areas of growth and improvement.

Sales & Performance Forecasting

We can help you understand existing or potential tenant performance, in store and online, to enable a better understanding of rental affordability and potential rental returns.

Asset Performance

We can assess how your assets are performing against expectations and provide recommendations to help you drive the performance forwards and identify headroom for improvement.

Development Feasibility

We can help you understand the feasibility and opportunity for a new development or extension to your existing assets, and moreover how competitor developments could impact your asset’s performance.

Investment Due Diligence

We can help you assess the opportunity for investment; providing an understanding of asset performance and potential rental growth, as well as internal asset management opportunities, external opportunities and threats.

Data & Analytics

We can help you understand all the different data sources that come into your assets and identify opportunities to better connect them to provide actionable insight to drive asset performance.

Digital Halo

We can help you understand the dynamic of online shopping and how online behaviours shape your assets; value the halo effect and what this means for your asset strategy.


Who we work with



Residential Property Development

Whether you’re looking for new land to purchase, or choosing a strategy for an existing site, understanding your key demographics, what they’re looking for, and what they can afford, can only improve your odds. CACI Residential can help with:

  • Measuring profitability
  • Justifying developments
  • Assessing demand
  • Informing development strategies
  • Finding the right locations
  • Evidence demand for planning and investment

Our new e-magazine for residential house builders showcases our new dataset that can help you to identify the most likely home movers, where they are, and what they need.


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