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Maximise sales potential within an ever-changing market

With increased pressure from the discounters, a shift to convenience, range resetting and changing consumer preference - a lot is changing for brands. 

By turning data into fresh and meaningful insight we help FMCG brands and businesses adjust and grow within this ever-changing market, by realising and understanding their sales potential at store level, targeting optimum locations, driving distribution and optimising ranging.

This is often most relevant when identifying new opportunities within the multiples, expanding into convenience or launching NPD. 

More specifically; we can help you to:

  • Better understand your target consumers - where they live, work, shop and socialise, along with the attitudinal and lifestyle characteristics that drive their purchasing behaviour, in order to engage them more effectively.
  • Understand where to focus marketing activity, both online and offline, to drive brand awareness amongst the largest number of potential customers
  • Support new product development by identifying existing high potential locations as well as new optimum locations which represent a good fit for you to target.
  • Understand what is driving your brand's performance and why; in order to uncover new growth opportunities.
  • Optimise your range by retailer, region or store, based on key demographics to increase sales across your network.
  • Support national growth or expansion into new markets by quantifying the real size of the opportunity, realising sales potential and prioritising who and where to target based on your objectives, market potential and consumer insight.

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