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ProVision defines the relative potential, catchments and market shares for all supermarkets over 3,000 square feet. ProVision recognises that consumers living in an area shop for groceries from a range of providers (both stores and online), and it predicts what they are likely to spend and where.

ProVision creates realistic, overlapping catchments reflecting the local road network, demographic preferences and the location and strength of competing stores. It takes account of store fascia, size, drive time and shopper demographics to understand how attractive stores will be to customers in the local area.

Our Clients


  • Target marketing campaigns more effectively by understanding the catchment extent and likely market share at a local level
  • Assess the relative sales potential and catchments of existing stores and new openings
  • Discover key battlegrounds and areas of catchment overlap with existing and competing stores
  • Understand the demographic make-up of shoppers at store level to ensure the right product range and promotional activity is in place
  • Present consumers with the most appropriate store format and category product mix


ProVision Knowledge


  • Estimate spend and sale densities for potential new stores to ensure financial viability
  • Assess the impact of change across the retail grocery network; new stores, refits and fascia change to ensure you react effectively
  • Quantify market potential for a range of possible supermarket tenants
  • Identify the most suitable grocery retailer to capitalise on the opportunity, complement other retailers in the scheme and gain valuable market share
  • Supplement rent review analysis with information defining the likely value of a site to a specific grocer
  • Understand cannibalisation and impacts on existing stores
  • Support opportunity assessment for scheme developers looking to add a grocery element to the retail mix

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ProVision defines the relative potential, catchments and market shares for all supermarkets over 3,000 square feet