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Convenience Clusters


The Convenience Clusters database pinpoints more than 31,000 convenience service locations across the UK. These range from those locations with a single convenience offer, such as stand-alone convenience food stores, to small Clusters of outlets such as neighbourhood shopping parades, right up to major city centres.

The Clusters provide distinct geographic locations that are more manageable to work with than any number of disparate sets of individual retailer addresses, and enable the user to identify locations as ‘venues’ for convenience services, understand what services are already available at these venues, and use them as candidate locations for new or additional outlets and services. Convenience Clusters are further classified based on the range of services present, the mission that the location fulfils for consumers and the dominant demographic characteristics of local consumers.

We know from our own experience working on behalf of our Grocery and Convenience clients that locating demand is relatively straightforward, but finding appropriate and relevant locations for new convenience outlets can be more difficult. With Convenience Clusters, the process of targeting new opening opportunities and understanding how to range stores becomes significantly easier.

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Benefits & Applications

  • Better understand the locations of your existing convenience portfolio Identify suitable new store locations
  • Assess the position of Clusters of services within the local retail hierarchy
  • Target local parades for click & collect services
  • Maximise sales by understanding local shopping missions and consumer preferences
  • Allow FMCG operators to pinpoint clusters of high potential outlets for increased distribution
  • Support on store ranging and gaps in the provision of local services


Convenience Cluster Locations

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Convenience Clusters

Convenience Clusters pinpoints more than 31,000 convenience service locations across the UK