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Supporting children's services statutory & administrative needs

At CACI we believe that by taking a collaborative approach to technology and system integration with you, we can help you to deliver the best outcomes for children in your jurisdiction and across the UK. We have been working in tandem with education services for over 20 years, providing them with the tools they need to improve their services, thereby improving the educational opportunities and oversight of the children within their remit.

IMPULSE is delivering tangible benefits to the education system up and down the country. Powered by CACI, IMPULSE has the freedom to be a flexible system, meaning that we can work with you to deliver the software that you need, with the same mutual conclusion in mind – improving outcomes for children.

Transform Your Education Service

IMPULSE is a web-based database application which enables the efficient and proactive tracking of children throughout their educational journey. This broadens the view available to you of a child’s path, with integrations with outside agencies offering complete transparency of a child, meaning that you can deliver the best service possible to them.

Comprised of 15 modules, you can use as much or as little of IMPULSE as you wish, whether you need a complete system overhaul or are looking for specific areas of improvement in your current solution. You can view all the modules and how they work. Alternatively, selct which you're most interested in from the list below:

Admissions & Transfers  |  Additional Learning Needs  |  Appeals  |  Child protection  |  Claims Management  |  Communications  |  Core  |  Early Years  |
|  Educational Psychology
  |  Governors  |  Hub  |  Results & Tracking  |  SEND Caseworker  |  Social Inclusion  |  Specialist Support Services  |

End-to-End Admissions

Aside from empowering smoother processes at schools and education services, IMPULSE also carries benefits for parents and children. By making the admissions process more straightforward and streamlined, parents can better support their child’s education with less repetitive admin tasks to fulfil. Applications can be submitted online and made available for the approvals process, ensuring that you have all of the information that you need to advance the application.

The Ultimate Education Service Administration Tool

By delivering transparency across the board, IMPULSE enables all parties concerned in the education of a child complete oversight of what’s happening. By integrating all services related to the child, IMPULSE will help you to remove blind spots in the child’s journey and to be better able to identify risks, meaning that you can deliver the most appropriate service to each child. In removing guesswork, IMPULSE fundamentally benefits the children in your system.

Fundamentally and most importantly, IMPULSE helps you. The education process can quickly become tangled in red tape and bureaucracy, with the cumbersome task of data capture detracting from the task at hand. In helping to remove those layers, IMPULSE frees you to focus on what you do best – given children the best education service possible.

For more information on IMPULSE, please download our brochure here. If you would like to speak with us about IMPULSE, please leave your details below and one of our education consultants will get in touch with you shortly.


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Supporting children's services statutory & administrative needs