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Youth Justice demands so much more than software

Technology makes a difference with the right wraparound support

Specialist Youth Justice information systems provider CACI has in the last quarter converted seven Youth Offending Services to its ChildView integrated youth justice information system.

Teams in Pembrokeshire, Flintshire, Powys, Ceredigion, Barnet, South Tees and Waltham Forest (Spark2life) will now use ChildView to support and manage positive outcomes for young people. In harnessing its up-to-the-minute data, information and communication tools for prevention and case management, they join CACI’s 81 other UK Local Authority customers.

There are many tools and software packages available to Youth Offending Services: what has convinced these organisations to choose market leader ChildView?

Practice specialists in youth justice

ChildView is a specialist, custom-built, modern database and reporting system that supports insight and informed decision-making for every young person at risk. But it’s CACI’s delivery and support team that makes the difference. CACI’s specialists work with Youth Offending Services staff to help them use unique tools to understand their caseload in greater depth, including the demands on their services and where these are coming from. The team offers know-how, advice and guidance about how to tackle these demands and create continuous improvement.

CACI’s Strategic Director for Youth Services, Marc Radley, explains:

“The support service we offer is more than standard IT support. We have a very strong and consistent integrated team, combining practice specialists in Youth Justice with data and information experts and technologists. We’re passionate about outcomes not products. That means we measure our success in terms of the difference ChildView can help to make. Our staff care about improving outcomes for the young people that our public service customers’ staff work with in their everyday practice.”

Collaboration beyond the contract

New challenges constantly emerge for Youth Justice – changes in society that affect young people’s behaviour and outlook; political and financial pressures that can impact service delivery; policy and compliance including privacy laws. CACI cultivates strong and productive relationships with stakeholders and influencers, for a deeper understanding of these complex dynamics. Working with organisations including Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation, the Association of Youth Offending Team Managers and the Standing Committee for Youth Justice as well as the Youth Justice Board, CACI stays close to quality developments in the sector and can support customers to anticipate policy and practice expectations.

These relationships help the CACI team to see opportunities to create and improve vital tools that create insight from information and data. They build knowledge, enabling engagement and feedback to improve process and delivery in the most relevant way for Youth Offending Teams.

Time to reflect on process innovation is a luxury that many Youth Offending Teams can’t afford, with a heavy caseload and relentless pressure from national and local government. That’s why CACI’s integrated team brings together learning from all its customers and stakeholders and incorporates it into process, practice and systems innovation.

“We can help our Youth Offending Team clients make a case for investment in better support systems, because we can help them show compelling evidence of improved outcomes and enable and share more efficient working practices from other regions and organisations."

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Prevention is the best outcome of all

ChildView can generate specific, unique information such as re-offending life course factors and timeline. These help Youth Offending Teams predict behaviour, identifying potential problems and highlighting more effective approaches to support young people to desist from offending.

Over-burdened teams are often forced to work in a highly reactive way. With support from CACI’s team, managers can exploit user-friendly, tailored analytics to generate insights that support a more strategic local and regional view of practice. With reliable data and evidence and tracking tools, CACI’s specialists can help leaders argue more effectively for focused prevention and funds to sustain forward-thinking policy and practice.

Connecting Youth Offending Services across the UK

With ChildView’s unique capacity to aggregate common youth justice data in regions, leaders are well placed to focus strategically on the particular needs of young people and youth justice practice and resourcing across their areas. This addresses the common challenge of young people being influenced to move across boundaries, because they lack stability in relationships or because they are caught up in gang and county lines networks.

CACI offers both a compliant and connected database as well as specialist common data exchange standards and communications. That means local services can keep track of individuals across multiple professional services when they move around, sharing rich specialist information securely to provide seamless responses for young people in difficulty. Accurate risk assessment and the best pathway outcomes are the priority. ChildView immediately helps to create the right shared understanding, so local staff can act to keep young people safe using information from their full case story and journey.

A specialist discipline within social care

Youth Justice issues are often in the headlines, with rising knife crime, county lines and lawless behaviour dominating the current agenda. But the challenges go far deeper than what the public sees. There are complex causal factors, networks and relationships that are known in the Youth Justice Services world of offending, risk and vulnerability management.

The CACI team is passionate about the vital role of this specific discipline within social care: it’s impossible to simply apply broad, general principles of social work to the particular needs of these young people. That’s why CACI’s ChildView platform has developed specialist features over 20 years that are fit for purpose in the field of multi-agency youth justice intervention, care and support.

“We’re delighted to welcome these seven new Youth Offending services on board – it’s an opportunity to extend improving outcomes for many more vulnerable young people. We want to build on the knowledge in our customer teams to continue innovating and evolving our support services and the ChildView platform to best meet new practice challenges."   

                                                         -Marc Radley,Strategic Director for Youth Services, CACI


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Youth Justice demands so much more than software