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Tomorrow’s World: Retail on the Line

Revo and CACI release omnichannel research report

London, 6th November 2018: Revo and CACI release report “Tomorrow’s World: Retail on the Line”

The report examines research which was commissioned to improve current understanding of the way in which customers are changing their shopping habits and how retailers are responding.

Overall, the research concludes that the relationship between physical and online is and will remain mutually beneficial, supporting revenue and sales growth.


Key Stats:

  • 75% of shoppers conduct research to inform a purchase, with in-store research (41%) being the most popular form
  • 29% of all online purchases touches a store, whether by research or collecting in-store
  • In total, physical stores contribute to 86% of comparison goods spend across the UK meaning just 14% of digital spend is pure online spend
  • 60% of click and collect customers conduct a further purchase in stores / shopping centres


Alex McCulloch - Director, Property Consulting Group CACI:

“The research demonstrates that the days of talking about online and offline in binary terms like they are independent of one another are over. Customer's move between the physical and digital space repeatedly throughout their path to purchase, and the role of the store in driving sales across every channel is intrinsic. The physical store is not dead, but the way we perceive it, and how the industry values it, needs to evolve to reflect customer behaviour.”


The full report can be viewed via the Revo website here

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Tomorrow’s World: Retail on the Line

Revo and CACI release omnichannel research report