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Youth Justice Services in Cheshire partners with CACI to launch Centre of Excellence

London, 20th April 2017: CACI today announces that Youth Justice Services (YJS) in Cheshire has achieved Centre of Excellence status to promote technology and innovation in youth justice. The new partnership will see CACI and YJS in Cheshire collaborate in the design, implementation and enhancement of critical technology and information systems. 
The partnership promotes the sector’s reform agenda by enabling multi-agency partners in youth justice to share and make best use of information easily and securely, while drawing on YJS in Cheshire’s unique experience and characteristics. The organisation incorporates four local authorities, Cheshire East, Cheshire West, Halton and Warrington, and is one of the largest youth offending services in England and Wales, facing a wide range of complex challenges in service partnerships and delivery.
The new Centre of Excellence status requires that CACI and YJS in Cheshire work together on technology for new youth justice initiatives, such as making products easier to use and adding new features, as well as a wider focus on early help and prevention. YJS in Cheshire is one of the most well-respected youth offending services in the country and learnings from successful new initiatives will be distributed nationally. 
The partnership will design and test technology which supports critical, innovative youth justice projects including: the drive for multi-agency initiatives, such as youth liaison and restorative justice programs; new “problem-solving” youth courts; and the effective use of the AssetPlus assessment and regulatory framework. CACI has worked closely with YJS in Cheshire since 2011 supplying its youth justice information platform, ChildView.
Gareth Jones, Head of Service at Youth Justice Services in Cheshire: “Our existing, long-term relationship with CACI has established a strong platform for success in youth justice technology and our new status as a Centre of Excellence is the logical next step for us. We will continue to  work on a number of targeted, innovative projects with our partners, including CCGs, local authorities and the justice system, safe in the knowledge we will have strong technology support from CACI. We look forward to sharing our learnings with the industry and ultimately improving the lives of young people and their families and communities.”
Steve Reddy, Chair of the Management Board and Director of Families and Well Being at Warrington Borough Council: “This joint venture with CACI aims to improve outcomes for families and communities by creatively innovating in the way we use information to enhance services in a cost-effective way.”
  “With changes to the leadership of the YJB following the appointment of Charlie Taylor as Chair, youth offending services on the ground must have robust specialist technology tools and support to drive reform and deliver real innovation. The Centre of Excellence builds on our long-term relationship with Cheshire YJS, allowing us to generate and respond quickly to opportunities by working closely with the Cheshire team to design and build systems that support new ways of working in the real world.”
CACI has supplied specialist youth justice information systems to organisations for more than 20 years and today works with two thirds of youth offending teams in England and Wales.