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Webinar: What is the value of a DMP?

Webinar: What is the value of a DMP?

Confused by what a DMP is? Or what to do next with your DMP? Watch our 20-minute webinar​ on how to drive acquisition through using a DMP with David Sealey. 


Top 8 learnings from the DMP webinar:

  1. More digital platforms and consumers use of multiple screens at the same time is driving the demand for Data Management Platforms
  2. A DMP collects and unifies data which can then be used to build audiences and service personalised content
  3. DMP audience profiles can utilise first and third party sources including CACI’s demographics
  4. DMPs extend to supporting traditional conversion optimisation and lead nurture processes
  5. CACI’s prediction is that DMPs will become as ubiquitous as Email Service Providers
  6. The business case for a DMP needs to be assessed on the net growth that comes from the DMP vs. not having one
  7. Capabilities should be fully assessed to ensure you're getting maximum value
  8. Strategy, technology, data, people, process, reporting, campaigns and content are areas worthy of investigation when looking at business capabilities

To download the slides and answered questions please click the below link.

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