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Webinar: Building Foundations for Multi-Channel Marketing

Webinar: How to build foundations for multi-channel marketing

Watch this webinar if you're looking to go from a single channel marketing strategy to a multi-channel marketing strategy. In 20-minutes, Jonathan will help you understand the value of multi-channel marketing, how to approach it and how to define channel specific KPIs.


Top 5 learnings from the Multi-Channel Marketing webinar:

  1. There's opportunity for all businesses to take an integrated approach to marketing
  2. A multi-channel approach can be greater than a sum of all its parts
  3. Setting clear goals and knowing where you are against them is critical
  4. Insight on what's working and what isn't needs to be shared across channels
  5. Managing multiple channels requires a different approach and mindset

To download the slides and answered questions please click the below link. 

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