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Seddon and CACI partner to deliver business improvement strategy

London, 27th July 2017: Leading business analytics provider CACI announces a new partnership with family-owned construction company Seddon. In support of the builder’s business improvement strategy, “Vision 2020”, CACI will deliver a program of business analysis, design and implementation to improve Seddon’s operational processes and technology platforms.

CACI has a strong presence in the construction sector and has recently expanded its supply chain division to further strengthen its ability to support industry builders and subcontractors. The new partnership reflects the growing demand for business analytics in the sector, with the benefits of process efficiencies felt across organisations in areas such as procurement, labour, supply chain and risk.

The Vision 2020 program is directly overseen by the Seddon family  and reflects the company’s commitment to innovation that improves project delivery, overall customer service and employee engagement.


Tony Costello, Infrastructure Project Manager, Seddon Construction: “Vision 2020 is about giving our employees the right tools so they can deliver projects on time, with profits being put back into the business. The first part of our work with CACI is about giving our employees a voice and we are involving all employees in the analysis process, ensuring CACI can then deliver improvements that have a tangible impact for our teams.

“CACI is playing a crucial role in the delivery of our business improvement projects because it understands the Seddon culture. For us, rather than imposing new technology on employees, we want to analyse behaviours and provide solutions and support that allows our teams to work they way they do best. This entrepreneurial spirit has driven our success so far and we look forward to new developments in the coming years.”


Mark Perkins, Consultant, CACI: “Seddon is not simply a well-respected name in the construction sector, but a unique company and culture. Within the business there is a real commitment to delivering for customers and internal teams and colleagues which requires a unique approach to business analysis. Working with Seddon will see us conduct a full program of workshops, to get under the skin of the day-to-day processes that drive the business functions, be they financial or operational.

“The next steps will be to see how and where we can improve processes, and then implement or optimise technology in support of those processes. This combination will help us in our aim of supporting the delivery of the business improvement strategy by 2020.”


CACI delivers end-to-end business intelligence solutions to clients across public and private sectors. Its services include data warehousing, visual analytics, budget and planning tools, thorugh cloud or on-premise services.