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Marketing Technology Glossary

Marketing Technology Glossary

Confused by marketing terminology and technology?

There's been an explosion of new marketing technologies, tools and terminology.
Please find our useful Marketing Technology Glossary below to help you make sense of it 





A Customer Data Platform is packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer identifier, allowing real time decisioning which can be activated by connection to other platforms.


A Single Customer View is a centralised repository that creates a holistic view of an individual, by aggregating personal data, transactions and interactions that can be tied directly back to a single individual. The SCV is designed to be easily interrogated in order to drive more profitable marketing decisions and customer-focused activities. 


Data Management Platforms are designed primarily to facilitate digital advertising by collecting and unifying 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, to create targeted audience segments that can be made available for programmatic activities. 

Web Personalisation 

Tailoring the content of a website to reflect a user’s anticipated needs. Personalisation may be based on session data (e.g. geo-fencing or device-specific) through to content based on CRM data (e.g. segment or life stage). 

Campaign Management

The orchestration, execution and management of direct marketing campaigns across channels.


The process of determining what marketing activity is driving purchases by assigning a value to each of the touch points that a user was exposed to on their journey to purchase. 

Big Data Analytics 

The process of examining large volumes of often unstructured data (eg clickstream data and social data), to uncover patterns and correlations in the data that help to make more informed commercial or strategic decisions.

Data Lakes

The term used to describe the storage of large volumes of data in an unstructured form.  

Reporting & Dashboards

The method of presenting data in a visually engaging way, often against key metrics, in order to view performance at a glance.

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