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The Evolution of Retail

The rise of shopper engagement

London, 18th April 2018: CACI Ltd, Property Consulting Group, releases report on the Evolution of Retail in the UK.

The report examines how shopping habits of UK consumer is changing, with particular analysis focusing on the rise of shopper engagement, online shopping habits, the use of catering provision within retail centres, and how shoppers are expected to evolve in the future.

Frances Goodfellow, Senior Consultant with CACI’s Property Consulting Group:

“The way people engage with retail is changing significantly and this report uses our wealth of primary research to explore this. It focuses on the importance of retail centres knowing their place in the customer buying journey and ensuring they engage with their customers accordingly.”

Key report findings:

  • People are shopping less, but spending more time and money when they do
  • UK shoppers seem relatively robust in the face of political news stories, shopping behaviour is however heavily influenced by economic factors
  • 12% of shoppers using click and collect go on to make another purchase in the same store, while 61% go on to make a purchase in another store
  • Click and collect use has grown by 23% between 2014-2017
  • Shoppers who visit catering outlets spend 51% more on retail than those who don’t
  • Catering engagement currently sits at an average of 31% with an average spend of £11 during off peak months

To read the full report please click here

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The Evolution of Retail

The Rise of Shopper Engagement