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Enrich knowledge and reach new customers with InfoSum & CACI

InfoSum, the world’s leading decentralised marketing infrastructure, and CACI Limited today announced a partnership that will make CACI’s UK wide audience data available for brands, publishers and more to discover new insights and improve audience targeting.

InfoSum empowers companies to unlock the full potential of their data by enabling collaboration between data-rich companies. Through a decentralised infrastructure, brands, media owners, data owners and other enterprise companies can connect data without ever sharing it. This privacy-first approach allows CACI to make its rich data available for companies to augment their customer knowledge, without having to share or commingle any data. By removing the need to move data, the privacy of the end consumer is protected as is the security of each data set.

CACI’s core segmentation tools Acorn and Fresco will be included as well as core demographic variables such as age and income from Ocean. Using this insight on customer database provides advertisers with the ability to understand how many of their key segments are available to match against media owner first-party data, enabling accurate media planning, without the need to exchange any data.

Additionally, this partnership helps facilitate the ability to append Acorn or Fresco to digital data, enabling clients to target key cohorts of prospects against bespoke segmentation solutions created by CACI.

Stuart Colman, VP Sales at InfoSum commented, “It’s fantastic to have CACI make their data available to brands and media owners in a privacy-safe, secure way. Access to rich demographic audience data, such as that held by CACI is more important than ever. The depreciation of third-party cookies has resulted in a loss of connectivity and customer knowledge for many companies. To future-proof their marketing activity it is critically important that brands and media owners have access to insights that enable them to deliver better marketing campaigns - CACI have these insights.”

CACI’s Director of Data Sue MacLure added, ‘’We are excited to be working with InfoSum. With the end of the third-party cookie on the horizon, InfoSum offers a privacy-first way for advertisers to better target their campaigns, using a one-to-one match against CACI’s segmentation tools, Acorn, Fresco and Ocean. It also ensures publishers can maximise the value of their engaged audiences. We look forward to close collaboration over the coming months as we work with mutual advertisers and publishers on their many use cases.’’

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Enrich knowledge and reach new customers with InfoSum & CACI