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Servers & Storage

Servers and Storage

Servers and the associated storage sit at the centre of any organisation, allowing users to work collaboratively by sharing applications, data and connectivity. Along with your network, servers and storage are critical components of an organisations successful IT function.

CACI consultants will analyse your businesses requirements and applications to determine the best solution for server performance and corresponding storage requirements, before documenting and building a best practice, best-of-breed solution to fulfil your needs. Our recommendations and designs are tailored to meet the needs of the end customer, driven by their size and business strategy. With regards to storage, this will be right-sized for your business, to ensure regulatory compliance legislation (where appropriate), integrity, availability and protection of data. The solution determined will depend upon your specific business requirements but may include a mixture of NAS and SAN solutions being recommended, along with full replication across DC or into the Cloud for additional resilience and availability. CACI expert consultants have designed and deployed Cisco, EMC, Dell/VCE, NetApp and Hitachi storage solutions to complement our clients network and server environments.

With hardware being so critical as server or storage devices, CACI will also recommend the ideal redundancy options, from disk mirroring and RAID solutions right through to live server replication, active disaster recovery and failover scenarios.

Servers and storage devices are amongst the most critical components on your businesses network, since they store and maintain the critical data that enables your organisation to function. As such, CACI will be happy to perform a thorough review of your backup and disaster recovery plans any time we are asked to design server and storage solutions.

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