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Innovation, Security, Flexibility

Sector- Media

With new and cutting edge entrants in the broadcast space and competition fierce, media companies must adapt their technology platforms in order to deliver content at unprecedented volumes and in increasingly innovative ways. Media organisations are therefore reliant on leading edge IP networks and their associated IT systems to provide peak bandwidth, security and deployment flexibility.

Our customers are looking to new technology infrastructure and processes that allow them to innovate and launch new products, without risking the stability of existing services.

For several years, many of the UK’s leading media broadcasters have relied on CACI to provide leading edge technical services that design, deploy and support critical network infrastructure. We’re known for supporting our customers as they transition from traditional broadcast methods to high bandwidth and innovation.

How we can help you

  • Develop a network architecture which allows our customers to deliver content at unprecedented volumes and in increasingly innovative ways, providing peak bandwidth, security and deployment flexibility.
  • Design, implement and manage networks that support direct to home and OTT services.
  • Design and support complex IT systems that monitor performance and provide fault management for operational centres.
  • Design and support infrastructure to enable data analysis of customers and their viewing habits.
  • Work across multiple network disciplines, supporting triple and quad-play providers where TV, voice and broadband are offered as a single package.
  • Delivering next generation data centre design and service-provider capacity improvements.

Where we deliver value

  • Maximum flexibility delivered through a combination of new generation data centres and the removal of traditional satellite or terrestrial barriers.
  • Reduction of your operating costs.
  • Increasing your ability to compete in a highly competitive market.
  • Through enhanced analytics, we provide vital information needed to enable more targeted advertising and marketing which will drive higher revenue generation through adverting and paid content.
  • Data to influence scheduling decisions that will; increase your attractiveness to customers.
  • Speedy over the top (OTT) channel launches via a scalable IP infrastructure.

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