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Data Services

We are fully aware that effective data management is essential to a successful business. Through extensive experience and data-related knowledge, we can guide your organisation through the transition period of identifying and collecting your data sets and help build a refined data governance strategy.

The main objective is to ensure that the data-related aspects are proactively and efficiently managed in a standardised format that can be accessed and used when needed. This ensures that your stakeholders have the confidence in their data to make informed business decisions. This will also ensure accuracy of reporting and KPIs.

What can we provide you?

Our data management consultants will work together with you in an integrated manner to capture the business objectives, analyse data conformity, identify data issues and put in place safeguards to minimise the risk of poor data quality. This will help you achieve data governance goals.

Whether you are at Capability Maturity Model Level 1 (Initial), where work is unpredictable and reactive; or at Level 2 (Managed), where projects are planned, performed, measured, and controlled - We can help you to take steps along the path to level 5 - Optimising.

Whatever your organisation’s data capability starting point, we can make it better - Saving time, money and management effort.

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