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Investment Due Diligence

Investment Due Diligence CACI

Understand the potential return or growth of an investment

Why do it?

  • Truly understand how well a potential investment is currently trading and how healthy that investment will be in the future.
  • Quantify the room for growth in terms of turnover and rents.
  • Understand the true productivity of a store when you consider click & collect and online contribution to that retailer.
  • Advise on what asset management steps can be taken to increase sales and rental potential.

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  • Depending on how far progressed the development is, we will carry out a top down or bottom up turnover forecast using our proprietary turnover models to calculate a potential rental income.
  • We compare actual rents with our forecast rents so we can analyse the sustainability of the scheme and how well it is currently trading versus potential.
  • Our extensive online spend data and understanding of how shoppers interact with click & collect is used to understand the online spend contribution for stores.
  • Our catchment model, Retail Footprint, is used to measure the future change in the catchment which may impact the turnover and health of an asset.
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