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Development Feasibility

Development Feasibility CACI

Understand the catchment potential and likely customer behaviour of a development

Why do it?

  • Define accurate catchments for your asset and understand the likely change to customer behaviour.
  • Headroom and size optimisation analysis will ensure that the development is the right size for that market.
  • Understand the catchment and the customer demographic to ensure the right mix for the asset.
  • Model future scenarios to understand the potential impact of competing schemes, changes to the infrastructure or new residential developments.

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  • CACI’s catchment model, Retail Footprint, is calibrated using a year’s worth of mobile network data, as well as credit and debit card transactions to accurately model the catchment of any development across the UK.
  • Our European version, Retail Markets, covers 12,500 markets across Europe.
  • By modelling future scenarios using our catchment model we measure the uplift your development will have and measure the impact of pipeline schemes.
  • We combine an understanding of the catchment, customer demographics and shopper behaviours using CACI’s Acorn and Shopper Missions to determine who your likely customer will be and how they will behave.
  • We use this data to benchmark your asset against comparable locations and recommend suitable brands and concepts to appeal to the shopper base.
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