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Asset Performance

Asset Performance CACI

Assess how your assets are performing against expectations and understand how to drive performance

Why do it?

  • Understand if tenants at your asset are under or over performing compared to expectations for the location.
  • As a landlord, identify how active asset management, marketing and leasing can drive asset performance.
  • Assess and unlock the opportunity across your assets' catchment and identify headroom for improvement.

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  • Our turnover prediction model provides an understanding of how a tenant or centre is performing against expectations and identifies headroom for improvement.
  • CACI’s Shopper Dimensions provides a comprehensive understanding of shoppers, what motivates them and what drives engagement. Using this insight, we are able to provide unrivalled asset management support.
  • CACI’s Retail Footprint enables an understanding of expected catchment performance, which can be compared to actual performance based on primary market research.
  • CACI’s Acorn provides a demographic understanding of who you are and aren’t attracting from your catchment and where engagement needs improving.
  • We can amalgamate all the data sources collected at your centre to create catchment zones and identify the size of the potential opportunity within each.
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