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Using data-driven insight to make a commercial difference

When times get tough, the retail centres that succeed are the ones with a clear identity that resonates with tenants and consumers alike.

But finding a concept that works – and selling it to retailers – depends on understanding your customers and your market. That all starts with the data you already have.

We can help you to organise, enhance and interpret that data. We’ll combine primary research, mobile data, and proprietary modelling tools so you understand exactly who comes to your centre, where from, when and why.

Find out more about the range of services we offer our retail landlord and investment clients.

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Property Sector Knowledge


As the UK’s largest independent retail consultancy, we’ve spent decades behind the scenes in the property sector helping leading asset owners, managers and investors tailor their offering to the needs of each local population.

We’re a key part of the team that ensures an assets success at every stage of a development lifecycle – working alongside in-house professionals from site acquisition through to disposal

Whenever an asset owner needs to understand customer behaviour, catchments or demand, we’re standing by to help. Find out more.

Sales Performance Dashboards


We don’t sell property. Our only interest is ensuring you have the insights you need, when you need them, in a format that best suits your business.

That might mean giving you reports using the BI dashboard of your choice, making things easy for non-technical colleagues to understand, or moving heaven and earth to find you that urgent answer before your deadline.

It’s the reason so many of our clients come to regard us as trusted partners and an extended part of their own team. Find out more.

Innovative Data and Modelling Techniques


We’re one of Europe’s leading suppliers of geodemographic data. We have thousands of datasets, models and tools at our disposal – many of them developed entirely in-house.

Our never-ending stream of new data sources and techniques means we’re constantly innovating and can answer questions about people and places in unprecedented detail – and shape your offering accordingly.

Our unique skill is how we blend multiple data sources to help you enhance, complete or make sense of what you already have – and turn it into a powerful business asset. Find out more.



We’re not an agent, a developer, or a landowner. We’re completely independent, with no vested interests – so you can be sure our findings are never trying to influence you.

Our only concern is giving you the correct, data-backed answer to your question – based on the whole market, not a small part of it.

That’s why our analysis and data are so often used to support planning applications, feasibility studies, and investment pitches. We’re transparent, rigorous, and credible. And ultimately, it means you make better decisions, more of the time. Find out more.





Our clients include Imperial British Land     Our clients include The Crown Estate     

Our clients include Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield


Ever wondered how leading retail developers and asset owners always seem to make the right call? To build exactly the right offering, in just the right place?

It’s not luck. Before they begin, they look at the latest, most granular data about the people in each area. They use advanced statistical models and take advice from experts with decades of experience.

We know this because we provide that data, those people, and those tools. We work with leading centres to discover how people interact with places – and how to make each asset a success.

If you’re wondering how your team can plan for success, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)

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