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Residential Property Services

Residential Property Services CACI

Using data-driven insight to make a commercial difference

Helping home builders, developers and investors understand customers & residential catchments to build the right homes, in the right places, for the right people.

Whether you are looking for new land to purchase or choosing a strategy for an existing site, we have a solution that can enhance your strategy with informed and independent advice and recommendations.

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What we do to support residential property investors and developers

We work with organisations at every stage of the development lifecycle:


Leasing Strategy and SupportCatchment Reach

We can help you understand the expected catchment reach of where your existing or future development is likely to attract customers from. Find out more.


Consumer Insight and Market ResearchCustomer Demographics

We can tell you the types of people who live within a specific catchment area around a planned or existing development site, and moreover, how they are likely to change in the future. Find out more.


Sales and Performance ForecastingAffordability

We can help you understand the price point of your development based on the income and affordability of prospective buyers or tenants. Find out more.


Asset PerformanceCustomer Insight & Market Research

We can undertake primary market research to help you better understand your customers and the catchments your centres serve to identify areas of growth and improvement. Find out more.


Development FeasibilitySite Development Feasibility

We can help you understand the feasibility and opportunity for a new development based on the demand and supply in the local area.
Find out more.


Investment Due DiligenceNew Site Identification

Using a data-led approach, we can help you identify new site opportunities that align with your investment and development strategy. Find out more.



Recent transactions and agents’ advice can only tell you so much about what home movers will want next year, or the year after that.

But what if we could tell you who’s likely to move, and where? What kind of property, tenure and local amenities they want? What their disposable income is and what savings they’re likely to have?

Suddenly, you’ve taken all the risk out of development. You can design your development, your marketing strategy, even your planning and investment pitches based on real, hard evidence. In a changing property market, it’s the most certainty you can get.

If you’re wondering how your team can plan for success, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)

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