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Mixed Use Property

Mixed Use Property

Providing answers to minimise risk

Imagine you could predict exactly what commercial space your development would need. How much would that maximise your opportunity – and minimise your risk?

We can give you that answer – with a thorough, independent analysis of the local population – both now and in the future – based on multiple data sources and statistical models.

You’ll know how the local community is changing and what it needs. That makes your residential and retail units easier to sell – and importantly provides authorities with clear evidence that you’re adding value to the area.

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Predict Customers


Before you draw up your plans, you should know who’s likely to be moving in. 

Our data can tell you who’s likely to move home when, and whether they’re likely to rent or buy. We can tell you their disposable income and how likely it is they’ll have saved for a deposit. And we can say what they’re looking for in the local area and what kind of property they want.

This knowledge is powerful. It makes planning applications easier, marketing more efficient, and homes easier to sell.

Predict Potential Growth


There are many ways that areas can change – not just population and house prices.

We can help you to understand an area’s changing disposable income, employment, leisure and retail, and transport links – helping you to predict future demand before property prices rise.

With this information you’ll be able to ensure that the retail space you build won’t just complement the current local area but be tailored to ensure that it fits with growth in the future too.

Bespoke Approach


Everything we do starts with the same question: “What do you need to know?”

You might want to predict the impact of a new development or the average disposable income in a certain place. To find out where most people will be moving house next year or the most popular route to a retail site.

With thousands of datasets, models and tools at our fingertips, we’re ready to find you the answer you need – delivered in a way that makes a commercial difference for your business.

Property Sector Knowledge


We’ve spent decades behind the scenes in the property sector helping leading developers tailor their offering to the needs of each local population.

We’re a key part of the team that ensures a development’s success – as integral as the architect or the planner. We work at every stage of a development lifecycle – working alongside in-house professionals at every stage, from site acquisition through to final disposal.

Whenever a developer needs to understand customer behaviour, catchments or demand, we’re standing by to help.





Our clients include LendleaseOur clients include British Land     Our clients include Berkeley Group


Ever wondered how leading retail and residential developers always seem to make the right call? To build exactly the right offering, in just the right place?

It’s not luck. Before they begin, they look at the latest, most granular data about the people in each area. They use advanced statistical models and take advice from experts with decades of experience.

We know this because we provide that data, those people, and those tools. We work with leading developers to discover how people interact with places – and how to make each asset a success.

If you’re wondering how your team can plan for success, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)

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