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InSite 8.7- WHAT'S NEW


What can you expect to see in InSite 8.7?



The current Profiler app was launched just over 6 months ago and judging from your response and feedback it has been well received as simpler and more intuitive than the previous incarnation.  For years, this much-loved app has been used to help businesses understand their customers and/or service users through the lens of Acorn or any of the other segmentations used throughout InSite.

Profiler in InSite 8.7 adds even more functionality:

  • Batch reporting – Select multiple profiles and bases and have the reports output and saved to your chosen location.
  • Address level cleaning, coding and profiling - Previously, analysis at address level (e.g. Household Acorn) required a highly complex and elaborate two stage process.  This has now been simplified so customer addresses can be imported and analysed directly in Profiler in a single step.
  • Import data from 3rd party market research – Use TGI, Telmar or YouGov output to create the well-known rich excel reports directly out of Profiler.
  • Customer Potential – This optional add-in creates a surface of demand (or potential) from any customer or market research profile.  There have been some huge developments in this area to simplify the process.
    • Create a demand surface from key customer segments or based on ratios/proportions in the profile.
    • View the results and thematically map the potential within the app selecting your preferred colour scheme.
    • Send the results and map back into InSite for further analysis and export the map to HTML.



We’ve added the ability to use the gazetteer search and select a “catchment” on which to run a report.  This means that you can search for, say, a Retail Footprint centre or a postcode and immediately run a suitable report on it.


File Import

Users can now import, clean, match and geocode Addresses directly through the File Import app.



“New Map” Defaults

Previously when a “new map” was selected you were presented with a blank mapping screen that you had to then add backcloth layers to.  Now you have the option to set a default map template to open whenever you create a new map.



Performance improvements

  • For almost all apps to work in InSite there needs to be a small file in the background called a dtx (aka matrix file).  We have improved how InSite utilises these and made it much more efficient and consequently faster.  As an example, in our test environment InSite 8.6 took 31 minutes to create a sector to sector 10-minute matrix.  In InSite 8.7 the same exercise took 90 seconds.


Historic Updates

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If you would like to upgrade to InSite 8.7 please get in touch with your CACI Account Manager and they will arrange for your software delivery.

We always strive to bring you the very latest innovations utilising new technologies and platforms for delivery. We have some exciting developments planned for 2021, so watch this space!




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