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What can you expect to see in InSite 8.6?



For years, this much-loved application has been used to help businesses understand their customers and/or service users through the lens of Acorn or any of the other segmentations used throughout InSite.

We’ve rebuilt the entire application from the ground up and in InSite 8.6 you’ll now see a simplified, cleaner user interface that is more intuitive.  You can see from the below images just how it has changed.  A video will be made available via the Insite User Forum to highlight the user journey.

We’ve added the ability to export your profile in a simple csv for your own analysis or even back into InSite as tables in the classification schema. 
Finally, the most requested functionality has now been added – the ability to export imported records coded with your chosen segmentation!



The current version of Locator has been with us for just over 12 months and your feedback has shown it’s been a welcome change to the previous incarnation.  Your feedback has also highlighted a few changes you’d like to see which are now available alongside previous updates:

• Report generation options are now sticky
• Rename catchments after they've been created


Batch Shapes – Target Contours

As well as using Locator and the standard Drivetime applications to generate target contours (travel contour defined by volume rather than time/distance), you are now able to generate these through Batch Shapes.



New Layer Group Folders

We understand that at times seeing a large list of layers for a map can sometimes be daunting and even confusing, so this new functionality enables you to collapse layers into a named folder.  For example, you may want to collapse all standard backcloth layers into a Layer Group (or folder) in order to manage your other layers more efficiently.



New Layer Wizard

In our quest to simplify frequently used functions, we have removed the need to use separate functions to create a simple or thematic layer.  We’ve also reduced number of clicks and screens needed to generate a thematic layer.


Set New Layer as the Focus Layer

You now have the option of setting the default action to make any layer added to your map as your Focus Layer.


Other Improvements

Product Key - The product key (serial number) is no longer entered during installation.  It is now entered when starting InSite for the first time.  Additionally, you can now simply copy and paste it into place rather than typing the whole thing out.

Exclude Selected added to Maps – In a similar way to browse window, you can now exclude a selected item on your map from a tagged set.

Change to the precedence for Logical Operators - Since its inception the NOT/AND/OR/XOR operators have been given equal precedence.  To be SQL compliant the precedence has been changed to: NOT, then AND, then XOR, then OR.

New Map Templates - To coincide with this release, we have also added new standard map templates to better reflect the changing requirements of your mapping.  These will be added to your system at the time of your next data update.




History Updates

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To upgrade to InSite 8.6 or if you would like more information on these new features and improvements or would like a demonstration, please get in touch with your account manager.





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