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What can you expect to see in InSite 8.5?


Target Contours

For many years you have been able to create a circular (radial) boundary that is sized according to a user’s criteria (e.g. build a circle around a point that contains at least 50,000 Acorn Group A households). This was called a Balanced Circle.

Now we can use the same user defined criteria to build a travel time and/or a travel distance along the road network (it also works for Public Transport and Walking networks).  There are many uses for this type of analysis including distribution marketing, territory planning and resource management.

Target Contours are available to any client who has a travel network in their system through the Locator report generator and the native Drive Time application.  We will be adding it to Batch Shapes in a future release.
This functionality is unique to InSite and not available through any other GIS platform.


New HTML Map Features

Having introduced one of the most popular features to be included in InSite in the 8.4 release, we have further improved and upgraded the HTML mapping function.

• You will now be able to embed your company logo in the HTML map to further personalise the output.
• The tooltips (where you hover your mouse over a point) can now have unlimited lines of information.
• The backcloth can be changed from the standard Greyscale, to either a Streetmap, Darkscale or Satellite view.
• A discrete scalebar is now embedded in the map.
• A new search function takes you to any point, place or location in the world.


New Locator Features

As well as the addition of Target Contours mentioned above we have introduced a few new features to make Locator even more useful.

You can now preview your catchments prior to running your reports and add and/or remove catchments at will and the application will adjust the map accordingly.



Browse Properties

Browse Properties is a new area that will appear alongside your browse windows. You are now able to format (colours, fonts etc.) and edit your data columns directly without opening the expression builder window.



Editing Map Text

You can select any text on the map - whether it is in the legend or a label on the map, whether it is user defined text or CACI supplied backcloth – and edit it to whatever you want it to say as well as changing the look and feel. 

This is particularly useful when you want to edit the layer names or titles in a legend without having to go back through the thematic wizard or a label on the map needs changing. All of this can now be done directly on the map.


Coding Travel Times

In InSite 8.4 we introduced the ability to link the InSite database to 3rd party applications in order to visualise/analyse spatial data where it might have been previously possible.

We’ve extended the capability to include being able to create travel time contours with associated, aggregated data through SQL (Structured Query Language) commands called from programmes such as Power BI and Alteryx.

Another advantage of this is in reporting, either through Locator or natively.  Some of our users always use the same, fixed travel time for their reports – this new capability means that we can design a report template that creates the contour, aggregates the data and generates the report simultaneously.


Info Box – Summary

The Info Box provides a useful and quick means of understanding elements on your map, such as postcode sector population, income or customers etc., there comes a time when you need to sum up the components to give an aggregated view.

We have introduced a new “Summary Info Box” function that adds up your selected data as you click on the components of your map.


Other Improvements

Favourites Tab – Store all your most used and/or favourite applications in one place

Enable/Disable Floating Windows – Avoid accidentally undocking your map or browse windows

Drag & Drop Expression Tokens – Any preset expressions stored as tokens can now be dragged directly onto your browse window

Invert Tagging – A surprisingly simple but extremely useful function that tags everything not tagged and untags everything that is.

Convex Hull – Create a selection shape around any set of 3 or more points or boundaries directly on the map

Legend Defaults – Easily and quickly create and re-apply your own corporate or personal legend settings

Global Coordinate System – Set the default coordinate system that is applied throughout your InSite system

Print Layout – This has been further developed to ensure your maps can be printed using the same settings within the same session

File Import – Clearer messaging, improved naming conventions and ability to save and restore file definitions for those who regularly update their data with the same file


These developments couldn’t be made without your feedback, if you have any suggestions for future versions of InSite or you would like to know more on these new functions and improvements, please get in touch.

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