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Know your customer, know your opportunity

The success of any site depends on one thing: people. The better you can understand your customer – who they are, what they want, what they can afford – the greater your chances of success.

We help you get to know those people in greater detail than you’d ever have thought possible. We help the biggest names in property use the latest data sources, research, and analysis techniques to find places with potential, shape an offer to meet the demand, and – crucially – prove it with independent, data-backed evidence.

You can do so much better than broad averages and market-wide figures. You can quantify real customers, and real demand. You can model scenarios, support your instincts, and predict what will happen next.  You can go to market with an offer you already know will succeed. 

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How We Work:

Customer Focus


We don’t sell property. Our only interest is ensuring that you have the insights you need, when you need them, in a format that best suits your business.

That might mean giving you reports using the BI dashboard of your choice, making things easy for non-technical colleagues to understand, or moving heaven and earth to find you that urgent answer before your deadline.

It’s the reason so many of our clients come to regard us as trusted partners and an extended part of their own team.

Bespoke Approach


Everything we do starts with the same question: “What do you need to know?” You might want to predict the impact of a new development, or the average disposable income in a certain place.

To find out where most people will be moving house next year, or the most popular route to a retail site.

With thousands of datasets, models and tools at our fingertips, we’re ready to find you the answer you need – delivered in a way that makes a commercial difference for your business.



In location analysis, innovation never stops. There’s a never-ending stream of new data sources and techniques we can use to answer questions about people and markets. The hard part is knowing which innovations really deliver value.

We dedicate an entire program to devising, developing and evaluating new solutions before we release them. It’s why so many clients wait for our verdict before investing in a new approach.

Lately, we have developed groundbreaking new ways to use data from 39 million mobile handsets, and understanding of the detailed implications of the GDPR on the ways developers can use personal data.





Our clients include British Land     Our clients include Westfield     Our clients include Lendlease




Ever wondered how leading developers always seem to make the right call? To build exactly the right offering, in just the right place?

It’s not luck. Before they begin, they look at the latest, most granular data about the people in each area. What they want, what engages them, and what they can afford. They use advanced statistical models and take advice from experts with decades of experience.

We know this because we provide that data, those people, and those tools. We work with leading developers to discover how people interact with places – and how to make each asset a success.

If you’re wondering how your team can plan for success, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)

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