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CACI’s media consultancy supports clients across print, out-of-home, media planning and media buying. Within the media sector, CACI are relied upon to provide accurate insight in to; consumer profiles, multi-channel engagement, location analysis and buying habits in relation to brands and consumer behaviour.

A sector traditionally led by assumption, the media sector has evolved with the repositioning of print media, online engagement and touch points of interaction for all areas of the industry.  Therefore the need for accurate data, software and consultancy in relation to people and places is fundamental to survive and thrive in the media world.

Our in-depth understanding of retail and leisure consumers, their varying brand engagement and what drives consumer spending combined with our media experience; enables confidence led business decisions, more efficient planning and greater success in campaigns and projects.

Data, software and consultancy

A combination of data, software and expert media consultancy has provided CACI the flexibility to work with clients of all sizes, tailoring each solution specific to objectives in hand. Whether this is proprietary data on the pull and attractiveness of retail and leisure centres and the resulting media strategy, market planning software (InSite) to run fast and seamless consumer profiles to understand brands or consultancy project with market recommendations based on expert sector knowledge, CACI has the solution to meet your needs.

We provide the greatest return on investment for our clients by providing solutions that can be used across multiple functions within a media business and to share our expert knowledge by turning quantitative research into actionable qualitative understanding.

Whether you want to simply understand the profile of customer data, understand the extent of retail attractiveness, or identify the impact of multi-channel engagement, CACI’s experience, data and tools will ensure successful media campaigns based on proven analytics. 

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