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Insights into people and places

CACI leisure consultancy provides unique and insightful analytical advice for successful planning on a range of business interests, from property location investment, planning, performance optimisation and benchmarking, through to market capacity, exit strategy and investment.

Leisure has traditionally been a ‘gut feel’ industry and CACI recognises that service, experience, consumer loyalty and brand choice play a significant role. However, we can bring our in-depth market intelligence and analytical expertise to quantify that ‘gut feel’ into proven analytical intelligence, which can confidently minimise risk, identify and rank opportunities and achieve a better return on our clients’ investments.

Deep understanding and expertise

We possess an in-depth understanding of every house, household and consumer, as well as their behaviours, interactions and spend in the various leisure markets they engage with. Additionally, we are also able to understand the dynamic market changes taking place in the leisure sector as consumer tastes and behaviours evolve and markets develop. This sophisticated knowledge underpins our consultancy services.

Our team’s expert knowledge has been developed over years of working with some of the biggest and most recognisable global brands in the leisure sector, both within the UK and internationally.  Our clients include:

  • Casual dining operators
  • Quick service restaurants and grab and go
  • Pub, bars & beverage companies
  • Gambling & gaming establishments
  • Hotel & travel
  • Cinema chains
  • Entertainment
  • Gym & sports facilities.

Whether you want to start from a national roadmap, review your current strategy, or be advised on the predicted turnover of a specific site, our experts have the knowledge, tools and data to provide the answers to successful growth.


Delivering expansion plans with CACI


"Five Guys have been working with CACI for a number of years, using their Retail Markets data to support Location Strategy decisions in the UK.

As the UK estate has grown and the European Market expansion commenced, it became clear that the learnings from the UK market needed to be applied to the European expansion, so that decisions became more reliant on data and less intuitive. After all, there is a lot at stake when opening 40 - 50 sites a year.

During 2019 Five Guys has transitioned from the standardised data approach to a bespoke CACI / Five Guys Network Strategy Plan for UK, France, Spain & Germany. 

The decisions for each site acquisition is also supported by their mobile app data and reports, which really do give detailed insight into each specific site under review. Demographic profiling, footfall by hour/day of the week and cannabalisation information, has brought a step change to our site acquisition decisions and our ability to build reliable 5 year plans in each market.

CACI have been a vital partner in developing a sustainable but ambitious expansion strategy grounded in detailed insight and data. We can fully commit to our plans with more confidence of them being successful."


Richard Collier
Property Director - Five Guys JV Ltd


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