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Housing developers, agents and investors use CACI’s detailed demographic data and analysis to quantify the opportunity and size the market, for both existing and potential schemes, whether social or private rental, sheltered or elderly housing, or private home ownership.

Site assessment data can be delivered through quick, off-the-shelf reports via CACI’s DataDepot bureau service. For more detailed location appraisal, our clients utilise the expertise within CACI’s Location Planning consultancy team.  Our consultants carry out an in-depth scheme evaluation using InSite, CACI’s market analysis tool, to proactively locate new sites and determine market opportunities presented by external agents.

The Insite data held by CACI covers every house, household and individual in the UK, making the targeting of areas and potential customers easier and more accurate.

CACI can provide data on house type, tenure, the number of bedrooms, house age, price, new build indicators and sales trends (Land Registry), as well as data on residential population numbers (including gender and age), forecasted population, family structure, geo-demographics (Acorn), health, income, equity, transport accessibility, and worker and daytime population demographics.

Additionally, CACI are also able to assess the impact of future infrastructure changes, which can alter the desirability and convenience of an area, for example, major developments such as Crossrail, HS2, A14 and the Northern Line extension to Battersea.

This market intelligence enables our clients to the understand what housing is currently in place, and how it sits within the current local market, which is a paramount consideration, when selecting a location and what are the future forecast needs will be.    


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