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Identify and assess new site locations

Healthcare in the UK has undergone fundamental changes with an increased emphasis on the healthcare consumer, patient choice and experience, whilst set against a background of intense budget scrutiny.  

As more health service needs are being met by private health providers, the need to recognise the requirements of local populations through understanding local demand, provision and the competitive environment is increasingly important.

CACI work with public and private health providers, investors, property agents and developers to quantify health service requirements and size the market for their businesses.  Using a combination of unique demographic segmentation data, consultancy, analysis and mapping  tools, CACI provides evidence-based decision-making support to identify and assess new site locations, develop targeted marketing campaigns and inform on due diligence.

Private Sector

Combining CACI data with clients’ own data provides an understanding of customer behaviour, preferences and motivations as well as measuring over and under referrals from GP surgeries.  It also informs on turnover and service needs through take-up, satisfaction and engagement.

CACI datasets are used to establish the potential for specific, sometimes elective, medical treatments such as gastric band surgery, hip replacement or cosmetic procedures.  Quantifying income at a local level and detailed information on private medical insurance helps to give measure to the market for self-paying customers.

Public Sector

NHS and local public health teams use CACI data and systems to assess local populations for intervention and engagement.

CACI data has been used to inform Health & Wellbeing JSNAs, enabling local health teams to understand communities in terms of their health, wellbeing and lifestyle attributes in such a way as to enable them to create actionable strategies to encourage behaviour change, identify at risk groups and measure health outcomes.

Local teams often look beyond the obvious, analytical, use of CACI data and utilise it in strategic scenarios.  For example, Suffolk used CACI health data to reconsider surgery hours and potential service requirements and Slough is using the data to inform their smoking cessation activity.  NHS Blood and Transplant use Acorn to understand their donors whilst NHS Foundation Trusts use it to understand and engage with their members.

CACI’s InSite system is used to assess locations and profile customers.  For example, our Care Home clients and their investors use InSite to evaluate sites in order to secure funding and formulate clear business plans for each home whether it is for purchase, extension or divestment of assets.  Similarly providers of domiciliary care are creating territories and actively identifying the best locations in which to operate using this very powerful market analysis tool.

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