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Acquired by CACI in 2017, Mapmechanics is a leading provider of geospatial data solutions and logistics optimisation software. Through our allmapdata, Truckstops and Optisite brands, we have supported location-based business decision making for over 30 years.
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Whether you need a simple Postcode Address File or a complex Drivetime Matrix, allmapdata provides geospatial datasets for use in GIS, Business Intelligence (BI), Tracking & Routing, ASP applications, Telematics, Smart Cities & IoT technologies. To find out how geospatial data can help you please visit
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Our routing and scheduling optimisation solution Truckstops, quickly and simply streamlines complex multi-drop, multi-route planning problems – improving operational performance, minimising fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and reducing overall costs.
Optisite is a strategic distribution planning and site location modelling tool designed to help organisations analyse, manage and optimise complex supply chain networks more effectively and profitability – it can identify the optimum number and best locations for the distribution centres of your existing network; find potential new sites, or design a brand new ‘right-size’ solution. 
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CACI Acquires Mapmechanics
CACI boosts location planning services with Mapmechanics acquisition.

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