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Turning data into intelligence 

Our FS clients include some of the largest global banking businesses, but we are equally at home working with any regional building society.  Every major bank and building society uses CACI information to understand and manage its branch network in some way. 

Delivering insight, with data at the core

Our approach is driven by data, delivering insight that is built by understanding that the national picture is actually the sum of individual local markets and not the other way round.  Our experience in defining local markets is second to none.  Using carefully audited data and applying our knowledge of consumer behaviour, we can measure the geographical and economic variation in:

  • People as consumers of retail-financial products
  • Towns and cities as shopping destinations
  • The linkage between people and places through drive-times and accessibility
  • Market opportunity – volume or value – based on where people live, work and shop
  • The channel preferences of local consumers

With this approach we rapidly turn data into usable intelligence that will ensure better decisions are made.

For more information on our data-driven approach, Download our 'Effective Local Network Planning' brochure. 

What are the industry challenges? 

The retail banking industry has experienced a period of significant challenges.  A combination of the banking crisis plus the development of digital channels means that there is now more pressure to optimise the performance of your branches than ever before.

The main points as we see it are:

  • Branches will still be important as "brand anchors", but branches won't be needed everywhere. Those branches that are required will need to change their format, purpose and location to stay relevant
  • The pace of change isn't equal across the country, as the biggest variation in consumer behaviour is demographic-related and this obviously varies from town to town
  • Furthermore, there is a fixed demand for FS products and they best way to understand opportunity is to look at the total market and then use local characteristics to predict your market share and the best channel mix

Where we can help

  • Some of the situations we have recently addressed include:
  • How can we improve the performance of our current branch estate?
  • What is the potential long term value of our branch estate?
  • Which branches should feature automated services?
  • Do we need a physical presence everywhere or can we rely on digital channels in some places?
  • How many branches will we need in 2020?
  • How do we integrate a merged network post acquisition?
  • How can we establish a “premium” or commercial/business focussed network?
  • What are the quick wins versus long-term opportunities for any of these scenarios?

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