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Admissions and transfers IMPULSE’s admissions and transfers module helps you to administer the admissions and transfers process in a streamlined and transparent way. A flexible module that can be used to help parents submit applications through to supporting the entire process for your school.


Additional Learning Needs - IMPULSE ALN supports every stage of the ALN journey, helping you to identify the needs of each individual early, enable effective support and provisions for them and enhance the visibility of their journey throughout their school or college.


Appeals – The IMPULSE appeals module is designed to helps parents and schools to lodge and monitor all appeals processes in a fair and transparent manner. Covering school admissions, SEND and exclusions, this comprehensive module keeps all concerned parties informed and up to date.


Child protectionThe IMPULSE child protection module keeps schools informed of each child’s situation by providing a holistic view of each child, detailed allegation reporting to keep schools informed of such goings on beyond the school gate, notification of outcomes and ensuring that all teachers are appropriately trained regarding child protection.


Claims managementIMPULSE’s claims management module makes the process of claiming things such as school meals and uniforms straightforward for schools and parents alike, reducing the administrative burden on local authorities in settling cases and claims.


Communications The IMPULSE communications module puts you in control of all communications, enabling you to define lists of recipients, enable recipients to outline how they’d prefer to be contacted distribute automated communications where necessary, or utilise templates to send out key documentation.


Core - IMPULSE Core is the central hub around which a child’s education is catered for. It is a definitive database which acts as a central source of truth. Integrating with the parent, professional and school portals, this centralised record of documents keeps everything in your environment.


Early years - Designed to help nurseries and child minders, the IMPULSE early years module is a comprehensive tool that syncs with Ofsted to provide latest results to parents, helps with early years grants and assists with the early years census. It also assists those looking for work in the early years sector.


Educational psychology – The IMPULSE educational psychology module is designed to help caseworkers and managers to assess and access behavioural support for students where it is deemed appropriate, allowing for the management of referrals and work records.


Governors – The IMPULSE governors module enables easy record keeping of governing bodies and the individuals who make them up. Local authorities can use this module to keep track of how long each person has held each post for, also making it easier to be responsive to changes in personnel where necessary.


Hub - Importing data is a key step in gaining a holistic view of a child. IMPULSE Hub supports this by operating with third party providers, helping you keep record of relevant information such as school census files, latest information from schools’ management information systems and load joiner and leaver files from the Department of Education.


Results and tracking The IMPULSE results and tracking module is where information from school reports can be uploaded into your central data repository, ensuring a central and consistent database of each child’s educational journey and results.


Special Education Needs and Disabilities caseworker - IMPULSE’s SEND caseworker module facilitates the identification and ongoing support of all children requiring of special educational needs and disabilities support, covering workflows, checklists, communications and appeals and tribunals.


Social inclusion - IMPULSE’s social inclusion module is a comprehensive tool making necessary information available to governors and teachers, as well as keeping a joined-up record of outcomes. It helps with educational provisions for looked after children, tracks attendance for all children, helps manage exclusions and keeps track of children in employment and entertainment.


Specialist support services - IMPULSE’s specialist support services module helps you to establish the needs of SEND children, define outcomes, ensure fair educational access for them, support disabled children throughout their educational journey and gain a holistic view of each student by integrating with other IMPULSE modules.


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