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Impulse Modules

Add these key Impulse modules to your systems

Add these key modules to your own systems


Admissions & Transfers - This module is statutory compliant and can manage the complexity of both phased & in year admissions, school & local authority ranking, waiting list management, offers & allocations and DfE lead XML file transfers & reporting.

In addition, the module is integrated with our self-service parent & school portals for end to end online applications.


Additional Learning Needs - IMPULSE’s designated Additional Learning Needs (ALN) module is specifically designed to help Welsh schools, parents and local authorities to administer, review and action the ALN code. With multi-lingual functionality and the ability to interact with the school, professional and parent portals, IMPULSE ALN helps you to prepare for ALN requirements now, and shape your system as the code evolves.


Appeals Management – Allows for the holistic management of the appeals process including appeals, hearings, venues and communications. The module can be integrated with various other modules, such as Admissions & Transfers and/or Exclusions, so that your centralised appeals team can get a full view of the situation.


Child ProtectionAllows for detailed allegation recording, including dates, alleged perpetrators, allegation type, actions and outcomes. Details of training courses can be recorded as well as the details of consultation and monitoring sessions with schools.


Early YearsOur Early Years module facilitates in the application, review and management of the early years providers - such as schools, day care setting and childminders.


Early Years: Nursery Education Grants Gives full management and oversight of the children headcount in all settings. The module also allows you to manage the free entitlement of childcare for both 15 and 30 hours, as well as integrating with our 'Provider Portal' to allow easy management by providers.


Educational Psychology - The module allows for the management of referrals and work records. Referrals can be received and assigned to an Educational Psychologist which allows for tasks & actions to be tracked, needs to be defined and decisions & outcomes to be recorded.

This module can be integrated with the Special Education Needs & Disabilities module to ensure that all professionals involved with the child are kept fully informed. The work record allows for the recording of visits, either at a child’s home school or another, and allows for detailed recording of the session including date, time, contact, reason, cost, other agencies and the views of the parent & child.

Other key features include:

  • Education Psychology Caseworker Views
  • Work Record Service Level Agreements
  • Work Requests and Service Records

Governors - This module allows you to record the governing bodies and the individual governor records including number of positions held over a certain period and is configurable to allow for checking against these values. Governing body compositions and governors training can also be recorded.


Music – Our music module allows for the recording of music tuition including sessions & examinations, instrument hire and invoicing & payments.


Results & Tracking – This excellent module allows for the creation of test sets and the results import & management process.


Social Inclusion - Allows for centralised referral recording across multiple teams. These are then broken down into their individual specialisms for greater recording.

Services that are within the Social Inclusion module include:

  • Referrals
  • Attendance (Attendance record, concerns & penalty notice management)
  • Exclusions
  • Court Referrals
  • Children in Entertainment & Employment (including chaperones)
  • Looked After Children
  • Children Missing Education
  • Specialist Support Service Referral Types (HI, VI, Etc.) 

Special Education Needs & Disabilities Our Special Education Needs & Disabilities module (SEND) allows for easy recoding of the referral, assessment processes against EHC timetable, requests and recording of multi-agency advice. The module also allows for the recording of draft and final EHC plans. Furthermore, detailed recording can be made across the SEND practices including provision.

Other key features include:

  • SEND Caseworker Views
  • Tasks List Management
  • SEN2 Reports
  • SEN Transport (Home to school transport, routes, drivers, guides, contracts)
  • SEN Finance (School finance & top up funding, personal budgets)
  • Pre-School SEN

Specialist Support Services - This can be used either independently or as part of our Social Inclusion module. The module allows for in-depth recording for multiple categories of need. These include hearing impairment, visual impairment, behaviour support and more.

The recording capabilities include categories for review, agencies involved, test results, customisable indicators and equipment management.


Welfare BenefitsOur Benefits module can manage applications for free school meal, uniform and travel grants. By using the centralised household record, claims can be made for both individuals or households. Claims can be checked and re-checked periodically to ensure accuracy by using our integrated 'Eligibility Checking Service' for single and batch checking.


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