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Acorn is CACI’s flagship  geodemographic segmentation tool.

Address Spine

Understand more about the homes your customers live in and areas of potential in the UK with Address Spine.

Address data

Geographic co-ordinates for address data.


Digital boundaries including postal and administrative area boundaries for countries around the globe

Business Locations and POIs

Geocoded points of interest (POIs) and business location datasets

Centre Futures

Centre Futures models the UK retail landscape forward for the next 20 years.

Channel Impact

The Channel Impact dataset is CACI’s five-year view of changing customer behaviour in retail banking.

Demographic, population and expenditure data

Providing valuable insight into workforce and customer patterns in the logistics industry.

Financial Footprint

Financial Footprint is a financial catchment model, defining almost 2,000 centres across the UK.

ESG Score

CACI's ESG scorecard drills into each aspect of how important environmental, social and governance issues are to individuals.