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IMPULSE Social inclusion

This module integrates with IMPULSE’s schools portal, making necessary information available to governors and teachers, as well as keeping a joined-up record of outcomes.

Furthermore, a record of attendance can be drawn from the school portal in order to help you assess attendance patterns and raise concerns where necessary.

When managing referrals to and from other services, the social inclusion module is the centralised referrals management facilities area. This is where front door access from portals can be put into workflows in relevant business areas.

Local authorities use this for the following business areas:

Looked after children

Helping each child to get the most from their educational opportunities is central to the aims of looked after children and how they are supported. IMPULSE’s social inclusion module helps you to create plans in line with each child’s Personal Education Plan (PEP).

The social inclusion module helps you by:


Tracking attendance is crucial for all children.

The social inclusion module helps you with:


The social inclusion module also assists you in managing exclusions. You can keep a central record of exclusions and can link to a referrals agent for students with behavioural issues – this can help in making alternative provisions for a child where necessary. You can also track, arrange and record all meetings which take place around each child, helping you to keep detailed and accurate information on any exclusion cases.

Children in employment and entertainment

Where children are employed or in entertainment, it is important to keep of a track of those people who will be interacting with them at school. IMPULSE’s social inclusion module helps you to keep track of such information, including chaperone licences.

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