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IMPULSE SEND caseworker

IMPULSE’s SEND caseworker module is a comprehensive module which facilitates the identification and ongoing support of all children requiring of special educational needs and disabilities support. It enables caseworkers to plan outcomes, share targets between plans and work on cases with colleagues. It is highly customisable, so cases and their desired outcomes are different across age ranges, with cases able to be passed on seamlessly across caseworkers and tasks.

The SEND caseworker module covers:

The SEND caseworker module integrates with the school and parent portals, providing flexibility and transparency across the SEND journey. This helps schools to access vital information when it comes to aspects such as school admissions, and helps parents have a transparent view of their child.

The SEND caseworker module supports you by:

IMPULSE can record costs of providers and services as well as the provision allocated to each child, allowing the costs to be calculated around provisions for each child. This is currently included in IMPULSE so we can calculate the amount spent per child, per year. Reports can extract the amounts payable to providers based on the provision in the time period.

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