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IMPULSE Hub is an application that loads information into your IMPULSE system from third parties in the standard DfE XML formats, or custom CSV files. This helps you to maintain consistent and reliable data, with IMPULSE Hub’s data matching facility ensuring that there is no duplication.

Importing data is a key step in gaining a holistic view of a child. IMPULSE Hub supports this by operating with third party providers, helping you a keep record of relevant information such as school census files, latest information from schools’ management information systems and load joiner and leaver files from the Department of Education.

The Hub plays a key role in the admissions process with the loading of admissions applications and offer files from other boroughs, or fully integrating with the online admissions portal to upload applications automatically to IMPULSE.

All the information is seamlessly available in your school portal, giving you a central source of truth on each child.

IMPULSE Hub helps you to:

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