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IMPULSE Early years

The IMPULSE early years module is designed to aid nurseries, child minders and those looking to work for, or provide, early years childcare. It also acts as an information store for parents seeking information on childcare options. Syncing with IMPULSE, all information entered into the early years module is used as the creation of every child’s educational journey, with the information logged being used to inform the schools which the children go on to attend. This also helps with the early years census.

Early years monitoring

Confirming eligibility, funding and grants

Our early years module enables you to assess whether families and parents are eligible for nursey education grants (NEGs) or early years funding. It then helps you claim the funding from the government with supporting documentation. Integrating with the eligibility checking system, checks, the module enables you to assess proof of eligibility easily.

Feeding into the wider process, parents can only receive a NEG when attending an official early years education provider – by integrating with Ofsted, this makes provision of proof much easier for you and for parents.

Simplifying the process

Via the provider portal, all nurseries and childminders can manage the children in their care with full oversight and transparency of their headcount. You can also easily manage the provision of the extended entitlement of universal and extended childcare allowances.

The early years module simplifies the entire early years education spectrum, from the children in your care, to Ofsted ratings, NEG eligibility and staff recruitment. By automating many aspects of the process, the IMPULSE early years module frees you up to do what you do best: give children the best early years education.

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