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Sitting at the heart of IMPULSE is the Core module. This is where the student record is securely stored and administered, helping to ensure that each child is appropriately provisioned for across every step of their educational journey.

IMPULSE Core integrates with the IMPULSE portals:

IMPULSE Core is the central hub around which a child’s education is catered for. It is a definitive database which acts as a central source of truth. We understand, however, the importance of data segregation, sensitive data and regulations such as GDPR.

As such, IMPULSE Core can be administered in such a way that staff have access to the data that is relevant to them. By segregating the data, we can help you to ensure that only the right people are accessing the data, and at the right time. You only see what you need to see.

This centralised record of documents keeps everything in your environment. It is a flexible solution, though. Where you use external database providers, we can integrate their data to ensure that you’re maintaining and accessing the data in the ways which you need to.

Data stored in IMPULSE Core can be used to underpin the rest of the IMPULSE modules, to help best facilitate each child’s education.

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