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IMPULSE Admissions and transfers

Administering the schools admissions process is one of the most challenging aspects of the education sector. Transparency and fairness sit at the heart of the process, with every child needing a place at school. The IMPULSE admissions and transfer process helps schools to administer this process in a streamlined fashion, whilst also helping parents to gain easier access to understanding and completing the process.

Our module is a flexible one. You can use as much of it as you need. If you only need an access point for parents to submit applications, you can just use the parent portal. If you’ve got that covered but would like to automate sections of the process, you can use the school portal.

Revolving around IMPULSE Core, data is entered, recorded and logged to ensure that transparency and fairness are achieved in your admissions process. All relevant criteria are considered inline with the Fair Access Protocol. You have complete oversight of how many places you have and who will receive them from the list of applications based on address, sibling attendance and educational needs. This module is a true end-to-end process.

This module helps you:

You can configure all this information into bespoke dashboards, too. Access real-time statistics, understand workloads and identify warnings through the dashboard.

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