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Identifying geographical patterns for campaign planning

The Challenge

Set up as a joint venture by EE, O2 and Vodafone, WEVE was formed to offer massive reach for core services of mobile messaging, display advertising, loyalty programmes and transactions. To support the use of the mobile by 20 million customers, InSite is used to look at the geographical patterns and retail and leisure destination usage. 

The Solution

WEVE use InSite to visualise campaign targeting for messaging and display. It was particularly useful in setting up control and test areas. The InSite tools such as Retail Locations, drivetimes and catchments were key when assessing volumes, for example, people within 10 minutes of a specific retail chain.

The Results

Using CACI, campaign planning was carried out quickly due to its user compatibility and accurately due to the quality of the data provided. The InSite tool is easy to use and adaptable. It proved invaluable when trying to visually explain campaigns to clients.

"InSite is very useful & versatile tool. We are constantly finding new uses for it as well!"

Luke Pay
Insight Analyst, WEVE
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Identifying geographical patterns for campaign planning