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Voice Biometrics in Banking

Speaking up for increased security.

The UK arm of a global financial bank – one with more than 22 million retail banking accounts, 11 million credit card holders and one million business customers - aimed to improve the security and efficiency of its telephone banking system and deliver industry-leading customer service.

The Challenge

The identity and verification (ID&V) systems usually employed in telephone banking often require customers to remember a combination of sometimes easy-to-guess PINs, dates, and passwords. But make a mistake and the process can take two minutes. Strengthening ID&V security, while making it easier and faster, seemed to be incompatible goals.

The Solution

CACI introduced Voice Recognition to the ID&V process. During a customer call the system creates, and stores in a specialist server in the Bank’s data centre, a biometric voiceprint that is individual to each caller. Then, every time the customer calls, their voice is automatically compared to the stored print. Verification takes as little as ten seconds.

The Results

Customers welcomed the use of normal conversations to deliver security clearance. After the trial, 93 per cent of the Bank’s wealth management customers rated the technology as nine out of ten for speed, ease of use and security – the three supposedly incompatible goals. The system is now being extended to retail banking customers.

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"It seemed like an impossible task. We had to make the process faster and easier for customers, yet add more security for the bank. It was also important not to impose methods that were at odds with delivering improved customer satisfaction and service. Biometric technology came to the rescue. Actually being able to recognise customers from their voice is increased security with a human touch."

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Speaking up for increased security.

Voice Biometrics in Banking