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Success Story – Assisting the GB Energy Smart Meter Rollout

How CACI Network Services helped a leading UK communications infrastructure company rollout their Smart Metering Testing Service.

A change in development creates a problem

A large development change request from Smart DCC came early in the project and meant that the client would rapidly exceed their current testing capacity. Therefore, they sought a testing service provider that could take this on immediately and deliver the service onshore and onsite.

The CACI team fit the bill and were tasked with being able to quickly restructure the existing testing team and expand it to meet the volume requirements.

Innovative solutions offered

Our team delivered a range of solutions to the organisation’s test programme.

We ensured software was tested to a high quality by applying an Agile Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology. A Scrum based test methodology was also implemented, we tested targets & goals at the start of each squad sprint and introduced automated test tools which helped with the integration of the Smart Metering.

“Our team of experts used their skills across a broad range of specialisations including programme management, DCC reporting, release & configuration management and planning.” said Dave Ireland, Associate Director at CACI. “We pride ourselves on our testing analysis, architecture, strategy, execution planning and script development which is why we were hired for this project.”

The team also used automation solutions including the industry leading GBCS automation and environments programme management which ensured the project was a success.

“CACI has deep experience on the HAN testing across Zigbee protocol as well as GBCS and DLMS/COSEM and the Sensus FlexNet WAN testing approaches as well as the testing of our operational and business support systems. Their knowledge of device testing (CH, ESME, GSME, IHD) as well as the DCC industry request commands and their operation is extensive.” 

Platform Development Director

Delivery milestones met

After delivering the project, our client was really pleased with the results. The delivery milestones for testing & testing assurance that were set by the DCC were consistently met.

Our Applied Agile Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology proved pivotal in delivering software testing to a high quality. This was especially important as many of the key systems for the solution had been specifically developed for our client, as well as the Smart communications hardware.

During the project, we worked with Test Assurance to ensure a viable, quality driven product was delivered to the energy industry and worked with them at interoperability events to ensure the latest technology was tested in parallel to the client’s product offering.
We provided relevant back up documentation to ensure governance and milestones of test successes were adhered to and regularly accommodated change requests in parallel to programme delivery. Test analyst expertise to ensure scope and requirements were translated into quality driven test scripts was also provided.

What’s more, our team developed testing automation tools to help increase the test volumes throughout and replace the reliance on manual testing. This provided operational confidence testing (OCT) in a new test phase, demonstrating our commitment to end-to-end, business scenario based testing rather than simple service requests or silo based testing.



“CACI have now been a trusted partner on our Smart Metering test programme for over 3 years,  providing a Smart Test Managed Service.  CACI are able to innovate and implement Agile test approaches into delivery teams and bring expert test resources onto the programme.” 

Platform Development Director

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When a major communications infrastructure company company involved in the GB Energy Smart Meter rollout suddenly required an increased and improved testing service, we were delighted to be asked to help deliver this critical service that will support 30 million homes and small businesses by 2020.


Success Story – Assisting the GB Energy Smart Meter Rollout