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Supporting Seasalt to expand their estate

Designed in Cornwall in 1981 for people everywhere, Seasalt started to produce a clothing range aiming to make “organic cotton as popular as organic food”. Seasalt’s challenge is to open stores in popular coastal towns where their brand fits perfectly with the lifestyle.

The Challenge

Seasalt were looking to expand their estate from a small number of stores and concessions in primarily John Lewis stores, across the UK by opening new stand-alone locations in typical retail centres and lifestyle locations.

Part of the challenge was to identify coastal and rural locations where lifestyle brands can flourish despite the usually lower footfall throughout the winter months.

The Solution

CACI took Seasalt customer and store performance data and combined with our internal data, models and expert methodology, we were able to understand the drivers of performance and deliver back to the client a robust expansion strategy.

This entailed prioritising the best locations for new stores, detailing why these are the best locations, and providing statistical evidence to back up the recommendations.

The Results

The strategy delivered across mainstream retail centres and small tourism-led and coastal locations, providing Seasalt with a clear and actionable plan for growth.

This has proven invaluable, as Seasalt have developed their portfolio into a significant-sized estate and continue to expand across the UK into consistently successful markets.

Due to the success of their expansion, Seasalt are looking to grow their footprint into international markets in the future.

Further information

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"The information provided by the team at CACI has been very helpful in shaping our selection process for new store locations. To date, we have opened over 20 new and profitable stores since commencing our work with the team and the information provided remains a key reference point when seeking new opportunities."

Paul Hayes - Managing Director, Seasalt
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Supporting Seasalt to expand their estate