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Supporting growth for one of the UK's fastest-growing snacks

The Challenge

  • Expanding within a familiar city is one thing, but identifying where to target next is a crucial decision for most brands.
  • Propercorn wanted to understand which were the next best cities, outside of London, for their brand. This would inform how to shape their sales and marketing strategy.
  • With the growth of their network, Propercorn began to focus on convenience channels. So when it came to trialling in symbol groups, they needed to know which stores represented the largest opportunities for them to target and overall, how to increase their performance to bring them closer to their market potential.

The Solution

  • CACI delivered detailed analysis on how Propercorn compare and contrast to competitors in their space, to inform who to target, where they are, and how to reach more of them.
  • Map showing hotspots of opportunity for Propercorn across the UK.
  • A ranked list of convenience stores across the UK, from highest to lowest potential for growth, in sales.

The Results

  • Core insights into key and opportunity customer groups are, and how to best engage them. 
  • Reinvesting heavily back into the business, Propercorn know the importance of achieving the best ROI and were able to use the analysis to inform where to focus their limited sales and marketing resources. 
  • Successful symbol group trial, and analysis continues to support their convenience team to have more engaging conversations with retailers.

Further information

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“We commissioned CACI to help us to develop a really thorough understanding of our customers and our market potential. CACI supported our objectives to drive our distribution by identifying the best locations for our brand and helped us to target high potential stores to trial and grow our listings. We’ve got real value from the analysis and really appreciate their flexible and intelligent approach. They work really hard to find the right solution to any business challenge, which is refreshing."

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Supporting growth for one of the UK's fastest-growing snacks.