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Piper Private Equity

Supporting private equity in the evaluation, acquisition and rollout of brands

Piper is a focused investor specialising in consumer brands. With over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, from having started by founding Pitcher & Piano in the early ‘90s, the team has built up an extensive consumer-focused knowledge bank alongside a trusted network of contacts and resources. Piper’s brand-focused approach allows them to align a keen commercial eye with consumer-centred emotional intelligence, enabling them to spot the brands of tomorrow. These brands have included Las Iguanas, Be At One, Loungers, Turtle Bay, and Hickory’s Smokehouse.

When working with brands, Piper brings more than just money to the table. Their added-value approach focuses on support and expertise in brand development, rollout strategy, consumer insight, PR, digital strategy, management/team growth, and exit strategy. Based on their own experiences as entrepreneurs with Pitcher & Piano and having backed over 35 entrepreneurs, Piper’s aim is to help grow sustainable brands alongside the entrepreneur, whilst nurturing the brand’s DNA. And all without ever losing sight of delivering strong financial growth.

The Challenge

The team at Piper were searching for a market analysis software solution and consultative partner to support them in their day-to-day evaluation of potential acquisition targets in the hospitality space. This would enable them to create national site rollout strategies for the hospitality brands that they had invested in for growth.

The Solution

CACI recommended InSite, our proprietary market analysis software. InSite is a self-contained market analysis software solution built for location, consumer and market analysis. CACI supply Piper with unique datasets and models such as Acorn, Social Scene (our revolutionary geo-demographic segmentation), and Retail Footprint (the most widely used retail gravity model).

The Results

CACI’s InSite tool empowers Piper to better understand consumers and their interaction with different markets and brands. The power of InSite has meant that it played a significant role in the assessment, investment, and successful growth of Piper’s F&B brands such as Loungers, Be At One, Turtle Bay and, their recent investment, Hickory’s Smokehouse.

Further information

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"CACI has allowed us to see better into the future by clearly assessing the demographics that are driving the success of our current sites, as well as finding similar catchments in other parts of the country. Alongside an experience-based instinct, it’s an invaluable tool that helps us to build data-driven rollout strategies to scale our brands sustainably. Having conducted an initial analysis in-house, we can now clearly see the potential for 300+ Loungers sites and 100+ Be At One sites in the UK."

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Supporting private equity in the evaluation, acquisition and rollout of brands

Piper Private Equity