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InSite supports Pintarget at the cutting edge of hyper-local marketing analytics to deliver highly effective, low-waste campaigns


Pintarget creates and delivers precise, targeted local campaigns for brands and businesses across multiple media channels. The firm achieves exceptional results for clients using three principles: access to the best data, using technology to create efficiency and applying insight to understand how to reach local consumers.

Pintarget clients include big name brands like SodaStream, Coca-Cola, The Southern Co-op, McCarthy & Stone and Greene King. The company partners with leading technology, marketing and data providers to power its unique service. Recently acquired by The Specialistworks, Pintarget’s highly awarded team has decades of experience in the media industry, working at the cutting edge of regional and digital media.


  • Pintarget’s unique proposition depends on excellent demographic and geographic data that’s easy to model and analyse. The team identified that CACI’s InSite software coupled with Acorn data could give the most granular and detailed view of the areas and consumers they wanted to target for clients.
  • Lead location and data analyst Rob Fogg explains: "InSite is integral to our approach and modelling: we use it to investigate where existing customers come from, to identify similar customer bases elsewhere and to detect missed opportunities where our clients could achieve better market share and impact. Our results come from a strong and sophisticated methodology".


  • Pintarget uses InSite in several ways to drive sales performance and increase market share for online, bricks and mortar and hybrid clients.
  • Pintarget needed to find an audience of households with children aged 5-11 whose behaviours and characteristics made them a good fit for the brand’s services. Using InSite, the team mapped this audience around the centres, to find areas with potential for growth.
  • Using existing customer data provided by clients, Pintarget uses InSite to classify customers by Acorn type. With this data, Pintarget can identify the most prevalent Acorn types amongst existing customers.


  1. Using geo-demographic targeting at a granular level, there’s less wastage in marketing communications, which means that Pintarget’s clients get more for their money.
  2. The team can build campaigns that use a range of channels to reach individual households, so the brand and message resonates and has good frequency.
  3. That puts relevant brands and offers firmly in the front of consumers’ minds, so they’re primed to purchase when the opportunity arises, either in a local physical outlet or online.

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"Every project we undertake touches InSite because we always use Acorn and location data. The tools mean we can offer a truly localised service. Everyone is impressed by the approach we take: InSite and CACI’s Acorn customer segmentation are at the heart of that so it’s a result in its own right! InSite and Acorn produces some of the lowest level, most granular data that we have access to. We don’t know any other companies that use it in the way we do. When we present to clients, they often say, ‘That’s what I had in my head but I wasn’t quite sure – now you have proved it!’ There is no better compliment to a dataset, it just works. These tools underpin our success with clients. The more projects we use them for, the more results and successes we have to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, and the more clients and campaigns we acquire".

Rob Fogg, Lead location and data analyst
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