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Truckstops transforms fleet planning operations for Jolly Farmer


Based at Northampton in the south-eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick, Jolly Farmer produces a wide range of young plants for the greenhouse industry and the retail trade. Its products are sold throughout Canada and the United States, and are distributed on its own vehicles to locations in the eastern parts of both countries.


  • Having been a long-standing user of Truckstops in the past, Jolly Farmer switched to a different system when Truckstops was sold on by its original developer, and support for it in the North American market became harder to obtain.
  • The replacement system that we chose was adequate,” says traffic manager Michael Jacob, “but when we were approached by the Truckstops team and learned that the software was fully supported again in North America, we decided to make the switch back.”
  • He adds: “I’m very glad we did. Truckstops is way better than the system we were using before. To give an example, the old system might tell us a journey would take three hours when actually it took five, or seven hours when it actually took four. Truckstops is much more accurate.”


  • In the quiet season the company schedules runs for its trucks on a weekly basis, but in the busy spring season it produces schedules daily. “At that time of year, some of our trucks can make two to three trips in a week,” Michael says. “This is where Truckstops’ flexibility is particularly useful. For example, we can flag some trucks with codes that ensure they take full loads to given destinations, and are brought back in time to make subsequent trips in the same week.
  • “There’s a hands-on element to this kind of scheduling, but the benefit is that we get the overall best result, rather than just scheduling the current work load in the way that might look most efficient in isolation,” he added.


  1. All plants are distributed in refrigerated and heated trailers. Because of varying transit requirements, the company must allocate some products to specific trucks. “Truckstops is also flexible in this regard,” says Michael. “We can designate a given truck for use in a selected area.”
  2. The number of drops on a trailer can vary widely from around 10 to as many as 30. Since all products are perishable, the key given is that no journey should take more than four days. Truckstops can be set up to ensure that this rule is observed. All vehicles in the Kenworth truck fleet have sleeper cabs, so drivers have maximum flexibility to spend the nights in the most convenient location.

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“We examined the product, and decided independently that it was the best solution for our requirements. Its performance has already confirmed that we made the right decision.”

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