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Hugo Boss UK Network Optimisation

Hugo Boss provides distinctive and chic clothing in 80 countries, and with the help of CACI are successfully building on their UK growth strategy.

The Challenge

Hugo Boss was keen to understand the overall market potential in the UK market with particular focus on the optimum configuration of their points of sale. This was to assess the potential in any given retail location for either an own store, a concession, or a wholesale opportunity, or a combination of these outlets.

With Hugo Boss apparel able to be bought in any of these formats, it is crucial that cannibalisation does not over influence performance. The optimum configuration of formats in any retail market then is paramount to the on-going profitability and brand strength of Hugo Boss.

The Solution

CACI analysed customer and performance data to develop and build a robust statistical model understanding the factors affecting performance across the multiple formats to support all future estate decisions.

It was imperative that the solution would be easy to understand, manipulative, and make commercial sense to provide Hugo Boss with the optimum format configuration for their locations.

CACI worked closely with Hugo Boss stakeholders throughout this project to ensure the results and recommendations were clear and logical as per the requirement.

The Results

The results of the analysis were a clearly defined prioritised ranking of locations recommending the optimum format configuration for each location.

This included providing the associated variables and metrics that influence performance and a Red, Amber, Green, traffic lighting system to highlight integral datasets. As such, Hugo Boss was able to use the model to support all point of sale decisions, and have continued on a strong and profitable growth strategy.

Further information

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"The information produced by CACI has enabled us to make objective decisions about market growth and to explain our decisions scientifically to wholesale partners and retail managers. We are confident that our expansion roadmap is strengthened by the CACI data and that our store opening programme is more secure with their input."

Joe Ellis, Retail Operations Director for Europe, Hugo Boss
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Hugo Boss UK Network Optimisation

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